Lab members

James Carthew

James Carthew

James obtained his PhD from the University of Durham in 2016 which focused on exploring the roles of the LINC complex network in breast cancer metastasis and mechano-transduction. His PhD provided an insight into the roles of Nesprins in cellular migration and provided a proof of concept that nuclear deformability constitutes a rate limiting step in cellular migration through 3D culture environments, which could provide a novel target for cancer therapies in the near future.

In 2016, he joined the Frith lab at Monash University to explore the roles of target miRNAs and environmental influence on stem cell differentiation. His research interests cover the area of LINC complex derived mechano-transduction, mesenchymal stem cells, cancer metastasis, the cytoskeleton, extracellular matrix, materials engineering and tissue engineering.

Gina Kusuma

Gina Kusuma_2

Gina obtained her PhD from The University of Melbourne in 2015 which focused on investigating the role of decidual MSC in response to oxidative stress in normotensive and pre-eclamptic pregnancies. Her PhD thesis provided proof-of-principle, in a cell culture model, for a novel therapeutic strategy that employs enzyme activators to restore oxidative stress response in pre-eclamptic stem cells, which could potentially, alleviate the symptoms in the mothers.

In 2014, she joined a multi-disciplinary research program lead by Dr. Heath at The University of Melbourne to investigate the role of decellularized extracellular matrices in adult stem cells expansion for cell therapy applications. In 2016, she joined Dr. Frith laboratory at Monash University in order to explore the microRNA signalling mechanisms that determine bone marrow MSC fate. Her research interests cover the area of mesenchymal stem cells, reproductive tissue stem cells, oxidative stress, extracellular matrix, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.


Honour’s students

Mark Pocock

Aeolus Vilar