Our Alumni

Dr James Carthew

Postdoctoral research fellow: Frithlab

Supervisor: Jess Frith

PhD:  LINC complex network in breast cancer metastasis and mechano-transduction

Dr Ilze Donderwinkel

Postdoctoral research fellow, The University of Queensland, Brisbane

PhD: Hydrogel scaffolds for bone tendon interface repair

Supervisors: Neil Cameron, Rocky Tuan, Jess Frith

Dr Gabriel Huynh

Postdoctoral research fellow, CSIRO, Melbourne

PhD: Implantable biomaterials embedded with environmental nanosensors

Supervisors: Simon Corrie, Laurence Meagher, Jess Frith

Kaushik Rangarajan

PhD: Biomechanics of stem cells growing on synthetic, chemically defined polymer coatings

Supervisors: Laurence Meagher, Jess Frith

Dr Trina Majumdar

Materials Processing Precinct Technician, Materials Science and Engineering, Monash

PhD: Strategies for the improvement of Ti-6Al-4V implant osseointegration

Supervisors: Nick Birbilis, Jess Frith

Dr Ezgi Onal

Senior Consultant and CYCLAD Consulting, Melbourne

PhD: Selective Laser Melting of Ti6Al4V Lattice Structures for Bone Implants

Supervisors: Andrey Molotnikov, Jess Frith

Dr Fanyi Li

Research Officer, CSIRO Melbourne

PhD: Injectable cell-laden microgels for regeneration of human articular cartilage tissue

Supervisors: John Forsythe, Jess Frith, Helmut Thissen

Dr Erin Brodie

SIEF Ross Metcalf STEM+ Business Fellow, Monash University

PhD: Additively Manufactured TiTa Alloys for Improved Osseointegration of Bone Implants

Supervisors: Andrey Molotnikov, Jess Frith