Roshantha Perera

Using micro/nanostrutures to study mechanotransduction

Co-supervisors: Victor Cadarso

Roshantha is a PhD student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Monash University. He received his M.Sc from Wichita State University (WSU) in 2019 and B.Sc from Arizona State University in 2016, both in Mechanical Engineering. During his studies at WSU, he investigated the statics & dynamics of MEMS electrostatic actuators in viscous dielectric media for biological applications in the group of Prof. Sindhu Preetham Burugupally (WSU).

Roshantha joined AMNTL group (Dr. Victor Cadarso) and Frith lab at Monash University in April 2022 as a PhD student investigating the mechanotransduction in Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC). Mechanotransduction is the process by which physical force is converted into a biochemical signal that is used in cell development. To understand the cell mechanics, he is building a 3D microenvironment to study the mechanical response of MSCs to static and dynamic cues from the cell environment that would affect its fate. Understanding these mechanical cues will help to further develop technologies to differentiate Stem cells effectively.