Jason Taylor

Micro and nanomanufactured smart surfaces to unlock the potential of multipotent stem cells

Co-supervisors: Victor Cadarso and Nico Voelcker

Jason obtained his Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in finance, as well as his Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Honours) from Monash University in 2020. His Honours project involved the study of fluid mechanics wherein he investigated the possibility of integrating a particle nebuliser with a plasma mass spectroscopy device. He worked on constructing a lens cage optical system for laser sheet generation and developed an imaging system to study low Reynolds number particle flows. He also worked with a particle sizer to produce quantitative data on particle size distributions for various flow rates. Having held previous industry positions for companies such as PACCAR Australia and Altec Australia between 2017 – 2020, he has an eye for practicality and integrating theoretical concepts into pragmatic designs and systems for commercial applications. 

In late 2020, he joined the AMNTL and Frith laboratories at Monash University to explore the development of micro- and nanomanufactured smart surfaces to unlock the potential of multipotent stem cells. Wherein, he is looking to explore the limits and push the boundaries of micro- and nanofabrication technologies to produce biologically relevant environments to present to human mesenchymal stromal cells (hMSCs). Such work will advance the state of the art when it comes to creating 2D, 2.5D and fully freeform 3D niches which can provide one or more cues to hMSCs to effect fundamental changes in their behaviour, including but not limited to: differentiation, migration and proliferation.