Our Team

Ilze Donderwinkel

PhD student: Hydrogel scaffolds for bone tendon interface repair

Supervisors: Jess Frith, Neil Cameron, Rocky Tuan (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Surakshya Shrestha

PhD student: A microRNA delivery system to induce bone repair by mesenchymal stem cells

Supervisors: Jess Frith, John Forsythe

Margeaux Hodgson-Garms

PhD student: Analysis of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Compared to Tissue-Derived MSCs

Supervisors: Jess Frith, Mikael Martino (ARMI), Kilan Kelly (Cynata Therapeutics)

Kaushik Rangarajan

PhD student: Biomechanics of stem cells growing on synthetic, chemically defined polymer coatings

Supervisors: Laurence Meagher, Jess Frith

Gabriel Huynh

PhD student: Implantable biomaterials embedded with environmental nanosensors

Supervisors: Simon Corrie, Laurence Meagher, Jess Frith

Thuy Nguyen

PhD student: Mesenchymal stem cells encapsulated in hydrogel biomaterials for cartilage regeneration

Supervisors: John Forsythe, Jess Frith, Helmut Thissen (CSIRO)

Jason Taylor

PhD student: Micro and nanomanufactured smart surfaces to unlock the potential of multipotent stem cells

Supervisors: Victor Cadarso, Jess Frith, Nico Voelcker

Yasaswi Wijesuriya

PhD student:

Supervisors: Rebecca Lim, Jess Frith, Gina Kusuma